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Find sinhala sms, nisadas, sinhala love sms, sinhala funy sms jokes, birthday sms, in Love sms zone - the most creative & latest sms collection. You can share this messages with your loved ones from the listed categories for you and your loved ones enjoyment and keep your relationships strong
love sms
may i be the reason for a while?

There is reason to live,
reason to cry,
reason to be happy
and a reason to smile.
If you can't find
a reason to smile,
may i be the reason for a while?

birthday sms
Wish you a great day

Your smile is the only thing
which we want to see on your face
and especially this day is blessing for us
as it creates smiles on your face by itself
Wish you a great day
Happy Birthday !

Funny Sms Jokes
We've known each other
for quite a while now,
do u think we can b more than friends?
cos i like u very much.
will u b my partner 2 ...
rob a bank?
hehe.. Kit
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friendship sms
Leaves don’t just fall
from the tree
Clouds don’t just rain
from the sky
Angels don’t just come down
from heaven &
I don’t just SMS anyone
unless thy r SPECIAL

good morning sms
Life dose not provide
Warranties & Guarantees
It only provides
Possibilities & Opportunities
Don't miss them...
Make BEST of it
GooD MorninG.! &
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good night sms
When a Msg is sent from Distance
U cannot c the faces
U cannot c the smiles
But U can sense the care that
truly comes from the heart
life sms
Moments make a lifetime !!!
Its not necessary to
spend years with someone.
Its just the moments spent
with someone
that defines LIFE.....
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missing you sms
I hide my tears
when I say your name
but the pain in my heart
is still the same
Although I Smile & Seem Carefree
There is no one
Who misses
U more than ME!

Broken Heart Sms
I can forget the tears and
hurt you put me through
but I cant forget the laughs
and special times
I shared with you
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best wishes sms
When it comes to the future,
there are three kinds of people
those who let it happen
those who make it happen
and those who wonder
what happened
GooD LucK!

exam wishes & jokes
All I want U is to be courageous
Be calm &
be self equipped
with facts & figures
to conquer this exams battle
I wish U best of luck in ur exam

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